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Walk the ESG Talk - Green Claims

Updated: Jan 15

Unmasking Greenwashing: protecting our planet or profiting from deception?

The WalktheESGTalk - a series of events on critical ESG and Sustainability issues organized by IMPACTA on Thursday 19th of October 2023 - was a real success! The "closed event" with theme: "Unmasking Greenwashing: protecting our planet or profiting from deception?" took place in the iconic ACG Events Hall in Deree of the American College of Athens.

The panel of the roundtable discussion consisted of speakers from the academic community as well as from the private sector and more specifically Mrs. Zozeta Miliopoulou, Associate Professor at the American College of Greece, Mrs. Stella Samartzi, New Business Director at ZZDOT and Founder of YooDOo Corporate Wellness and Mr. Nikolaos Moschos, Lawyer and Business Legal Advisor. The panel discussion was moderated by Mrs. Kelly Kontogeorgi, Broadcast - Journalist at the Hellenic Parliament Television, who in her opening speech presented the thorny issue of Greenwashing and Green Claims.

Mrs. Zozeta Miliopoulou highlighted the need for Green Training and Green Literacy, while according to Mrs. Stella Samartzi a Green Culture starts by respecting human life and the nature. Mr. Nikolaos Moschos described the regulatory landscape and stated that companies should avoid engaging in such practices that inevitably lead to severe financial penalties.

The event addressed to C-Suites, Top Management and Senior Executives and was a meeting point for various top leaders from the Legal, Advisory and Sustainability sector, who wished to acquaint themselves with the latest knowledge on #Greenwashing and GreenClaims, as well as with the E.U. regulatory framework. The audience became part of a dynamic dialogue that offered valuable insights and constructive knowledge on the challenges that different stakeholder groups face in their efforts to tackle the phenomenon of Greenwashing.

IMPACTA promises to support its strategic partners on their journey to sustainable development, through such initiatives.

Rendezvous in the next WalktheESGTalk!


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